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Regulation Best Interest Meets Opaque Practices

The Stewardship Implications of Passive Investing: Mobilizing Large Asset Managers as Stewards of Capital Markets

The Global Stewardship Movement Draws Passive Investors Into Active Ownership

Asset Managers as Stewards of Sustainable Business

Could Reg BI be a business opportunity?

Should the SEC Make Private Investment Opportunities More Accessible to Retail Investors?

A Catch 22 for Asset Managers

Will the SEC's Regulation Best Interest Have Significant Impact? 

Fund of Funds Proposal: The SEC’s Plans to Streamline Fund Approval 


Fund of Funds Arrangements Comment Letter 


Public Comments from Interested Parties on MiFID II’s Research Provisions 

"The New Model of Asset Manager Stewardship Activities: Active Ownership in Proxy Voting,"

Morningstar Blog, by Jasmin Sethi and Jackie Cook 

"What We Told Regulators About Common Ownership: The case for leaving index funds alone,"

Morningstar Blog


"Conflicts of Interest in Mutual Fund Sales," co-authored with Jake Spiegel and Aron Szapiro,



"Streamlining ETF Regulation- The SEC's proposal would make more data available to investors,"

Morningstar Blog


Amicus Brief, Jackson v. District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics

“Index Investing Supports Vibrant Capital Markets,” co-authored with Barbara Novick, Samara Cohen,

Ananth Madhavan, Theodore Bunzel, and Sarah Matthews, BlackRock Public Policy, ViewPoint, 2017.


“Index Investing and Common Ownership Theories,” co-authored with Barbara Novick, Michelle Edkins,

Gerald Garvey, Ananth Madhavan, and Sarah Matthews, BlackRock Public Policy, ViewPoint, 2017.


“Engagement: The Missing Middle Approach in the Bebchuk-Strine Debate,” co-authored with

Matthew Mallow, New York University Journal of Law & Business vol. 12 no. 2, 2016.


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Corporate & Financial Law vol. 16, 2011.


“Lessons for Social Scientists and Politicians: An Analysis of Welfare Reform,” Georgetown Journal

on Poverty Law and Policy vol. 17, 2010.