Jasmin Sethi’s one-of-a-kind career path has yielded insights that she is eager to share with you. A lawyer and economist, Jasmin’s expertise has led her to take on significant roles at a large Top 20 law firm, in the federal government, and with a Fortune 500 financial firm. Today, Jasmin is running her own consulting firm and Fintech start-up – a unique career trajectory throughout her lifetime.  Jasmin’s experience in different institutional environments has allowed her to develop a unique perspective on career advancement and she is here to help you achieve your goals and reinvent yourself, no matter your experience!

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Customize a Career Coaching Workshop for your organization or choose an Individualized 10-week Program to boost your career.
Career Coaching Workshop

Customize a workshop for your organization! Workshop focus is on building sustainable relationships internally and networking externally; taking ownership of career development; being proactive about career advancement. Our mission is to help diverse junior professionals in a small group setting. 

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Individualized Program

Career Coaching consists of a 10-week program for early career professionals. Think of your career in the same way as you think of your health!


We develop skills and routines that you can take with you to grow your career. The coaching will consist of an hour long conversation every other week followed by self-reflective exercises that will be submitted over email for review. You will keep a time diary for several weeks noticing different aspects of your work and how it fits into your life as a whole. We want to notice what tasks trigger flow in your brain and what tasks bore you; what you are good at and what you struggle with; what makes you procrastinate and what engages you.


Through this process, we will discover in what direction to take your interests and skills. We will also spend several weeks focusing on networking and how to integrate networking strategy with specific career goals. The coaching will conclude with a concrete action plan and tips that you can keep with you going forward to keep your career from stagnating.


Not interested in the full ten-weeks? Consider focusing on one topic for one session, or a set of five sessions.

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Potential topics include:


Make the most of your professional and social network!  Wondering how to use LinkedIn effectively? Questioning whether that networking cocktail party is worth going to? Let's discuss!


Make your applications matter! What are the real facts about applying to jobs online in today's world? Let's find you your financially and emotionally rewarding  job!


Present your best self! Wondering if you are talking too much? Worried you don't have thoughtful questions to ask your interviewer? Boost your confidence by practicing how to engage positively with your interviewer and make the best impression to land a job.

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