Sethi Clarity Advisers is a financial regulatory advisory company working at the intersection of law and finance.  We advise think tanks and financial industry participants on a variety of issues. We are experts on issues relating to investment management, index investing, SEC regulations, retirement policy, market structure, systemic risk, corporate governance, and a variety of other areas.


Sethi Clarity Advisers has serviced clients by providing research and analysis on complex financial issues. With deep expertise in the asset management industry and securities regulation, Sethi Clarity Advisers produces research papers, comment letters to regulators, and works closely with the client to make the most of internal resources, including data, to present the research that helps your business. Sethi’s publications span a wide variety of topics, including index investing, common ownership, corporate governance, and optimal securities regulation.

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Development of
Analytical Frameworks
Project Management
Regulatory Advocacy
Investment Adviser Registration
Get advice on how to register as an investment adviser
Public Filings
We work on drafting and submitting public filings such as SEC Form 10K and Form 10Q
Research, Analysis & Writing

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